How to Repair a Garage Door

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Garage Door Cedar Park Texas usually insists on leaving the grunt work for the experts but if you really want to know how to fix that garage door of yours, here is a blow by blow account of factors to be considered and steps involved in getting it done right.

As the garage door itself is a combination of various smaller components, this is clearly not a straightforward DIY job. It requires a certain level of commitment and skill which you will have to gather with time. And of course you can work with the confidence that if something does go wrong, Garage Door Cedar Park Texas is there by your side to come in and fix it all up for you quickly.

The first thing to note is that garage doors work on spring mechanisms and tracks on the garage itself which helps in the sliding of the door. This is the best starting point for garage door repairs as invariably it is the metal tracks that have some issues which require fixing. The metal tracks on which the garage door glides can get misaligned with regular use and all that is required to be done is tightening of the screws on the garage walls where the metal tracks rest. The problem could be slightly more severe with structural damage to the metal track itself. For this, you should closely inspect the entire track while making sure that the door remains closed. If there are any dents or crimps on the metal strip, use rubber mallets or hammers to smoothen it out. Using a piece of wood against the surface will be the best way to get this done. However, there are chances that the metal tracks are beyond basic repair. In such a case, swing by Garage Door Cedar Park Texas or give us a call to get the best deals on replacement of metal tracks for your garage door.

For the garage door to slide up and down smoothly, the metal tracks have to be aligned to the T. you can easily check the alignment of the tracks with the help of a level. This will tell you whether the tracks need a slight re-positioning to keep the garage door working smoothly. The best way to go about realigning tracks is to loosen the screws that bolt them into place. Make sure you do not take the entire thing down. Loosen them enough to have enough space to align them. Once you feel they sit right, tighten the screws back in and you are done.

For the purpose of ensuring the tracks are working fine, also look out for any deposits of grime and dirt on the track surface. With regular use and infrequent maintenance this becomes one of the primary reasons for garage door repairs. Use a strong cleaning agent to get rid of any obstacles on the track and clean it to make it look pristine again. This alone will ensure that the track works smoothly for the foreseeable future.

The overall assessment of the garage door should always include a thorough inspection of any loose bolts and screws. One area that takes the brunt of the load especially on vertical garage doors is the hinges. These could either be loose with use or require replacement due to severe damage. Similarly a look at the spring mechanism will tell you if the plates need refurbishing or not. Fixing the basic issues on a garage door is not that difficult to accomplish. But in case you notice signs of damage or worn out components don’t waste time in calling Garage Door Cedar Park Texas so that we can provide the best possible repair service to make that door working again in the most optimum manner possible.