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Tips for Trouble-shooting Garage Door Openers

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Garage door openers, as other technological devices, have a tendency to malfunction from time to time. Do it yourselfers will be happy to hear that, in many cases, these operation failures may be repaired by owners very quickly and easily. It is vital that before beginning any DIY project individuals consult an owner’s manual and adhere to all precautionary measures.


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Important Note: Do not attempt any electrical repairs on garage door openers without first ensuring the power source has been disconnected. This is to avoid serious burns or injuries.


It is important that garage door operators keep in mind their personal skill level. It is best, if individuals do not have prior knowledge or experience, to contact a professional repairman for assistance. Many times a malfunction is simply due to the fact that something has become loosened or has worn out with use, over time. The first step is to check the mechanisms such as cables, springs, and all wiring to ensure that all are in good condition and working order. Worn out trolley components or loosened chains are generally culprits in the case of a one piece door structure and vibration upon closing. 


Electronic garage door openers are designed with rpm sensors and force limits. This prevents the door from closing on something that will cause the door and/or the object in its path severe damage. These must be properly set upon its installation and the owner’s manual usually has specific instructions for programing these settings. There may be a need to readjust these settings, if the door will not open or close completely.


 Program Force Settings

Most DIY individuals find success utilizing a block of wood or 2x4 for this process. Professional repair services have a special tool that is more forgiving in order to set limits with more sensitivity as a safety precaution. Place the block of wood under the garage door and attempt to close it. The door is designed to automatically reverse direction when it comes into contact with the obstruction.


Travel Limits

Setting the up and down travel limits forms an appropriate seal between the door and the ground. This also ensures that the garage door opens enough so that is not obstructed. Determining which type of switches the door is designed with requires simple examination. A unit that utilizes a chain drive usually has lugs that must be repositioned. Some types have screws that must be adjusted in order to set the travel limits. If it is difficult to determine the type of system and no owner’s manual was provided, it can most likely be downloaded in pdf form via the internet.

As previously mentioned, most issues are quite simple to resolve. There are numerous professional repairmen to consult as well as websites to investigate for solutions. It is a good idea to consult the company who manufactured the garage door opener for advice. The website should contain a great deal of information, including a tech support phone number which is generally toll free.  



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