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How to Repair Garage Door Windows

Garage door windows are broken quite frequently by children playing ball or simply by garage accidents from within. Panelized garage door windows are relatively simple to repair, if an individual has the notion and at least a little mechanical capability. For those who are not very handy, there is always the option to call a professional garage door repair service.


Tools Required to Repair Garage Door Windows

Most of the tools required for this type of repair are most likely already in the garage. The only other requirements are the new windows and time. Have the following list ready prior to the window repair.

ü  Screwdriver (generally a Phillips head)

ü  Power drill

ü  Drill bit (1/8”)

ü  Several thin wooden strips such as plywood

ü  All weather caulk

ü  Wood chisel

ü  Putty knife

ü  Utility knife

ü  Masking tape

ü  Gloves


Window Frame Repair

Garage door windows are generally designed with framed glass or Plexiglas. First remove all screws from the outside of the window frame. Another individual will need to push the window toward the repairperson for removal. Position the replacement, the wider side face up, on a few strips of the plywood. The replacement window should include a template. Place the template over the replacement frame lining up the guard markers and frame edges. Affix the template to the replacement using the masking tape. Use the template for guidance to drill holes through the frame. Place the window in the opening with the edges of the rubber seals pointing inward and the wider side pointed outward. Affix the frame to the door using screws and the newly drilled holes. 




Replace Window Inserts

Another type of garage door window is created from glass or Plexiglas inserts. These inserts fit neatly into the frame of the garage door. There should be small tabs present which are designed to hold the insert in its proper place. It may also be affixed using wood stops. If tabs are present, cautiously straighten these tabs with the putty knife. In the case of wooden stops, gently pry them away from the opening with the edge of the chisel. Wear the gloves for safety and trim the caulk bead away from the edges of the window opening using the utility knife. Remove the insert from the frame. Again, use the edge of the putty knife to gently remove any remaining caulk around the opening. Run a normal sized bead of caulk around the edge of the opening. Carefully press the new insert into the opening. Using a finger, gently push the tabs back into place against the face of the panel. In the case of wood stops, run an additional bead of caulk around the exterior edges of the opening then refit all of the wood stops.

            Replacing garage door windows consist of only a few easy to follow steps for those who have some experience with the required tools and handy work around the house. Individuals who may not have the required time, patients, or experience, can simply call a professional contractor. 



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